Do you see the funny side?

It’s funny how we like the sun

we moan all month until it comes,

but we hate the stuff it brings,

like crawling creatures and things with wings


It’s funny how we care for animals

(of course only the few that are mammals)

we scream at the spiders and the snakes

they’re all animals though, does this make us the fakes?


It’s funny how we scream our love

We think this emotion fits like a glove

When things don’t go right we shout out “Hate”

But QUICK!! Take it back before it’s too late


It’s funny how I preach to you;

“Change your ways and see the things you do”

Surely I am just the same.

Are we really all to blame?


This silly rhyme I give to you

Is not to teach lessons or undo

I’m sure you don’t really mind

I just wanted you to see the funny side…


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